The CDC funded NigeriaQual program provides technical assistance for the Government of Nigeria (GoN) to implement a national, standardized program for HIV/AIDS clinical quality improvement (CQI).  NigeriaQual – the acronym for the Nigerian HIV Quality Management program adopted by the Federal Ministry of Health – measures the performance of HIV service delivery using standardized clinical quality indicators and implements quality improvement initiatives at HIV treatment sites. The NigeriaQual program has been implemented in 30 States and over 300 PEPFAR-supported treatment sites using the CQI process to improve outcomes.  Over 2500 Nigerian healthcare workers have been trained to implement NigeriaQual process.

By strengthening the healthcare delivery system from the bottom up, NigeriaQual has provided a unified, evidence-based, site-empowering and sustainable approach for the continuous monitoring of the quality of HIV programs.

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